Roaster Pigs/BBQ Pigs/Piglets

Deposit Amount

Roaster Pigs

Roaster pigs weighing 30-40 pounds cost $80.00. A deposit of $50 is required for each roaster. You will only be charged the deposit to initiate the order. The balance will be due at pickup at the farm. $25.00 Delivery Charge if you'd like us to deliver the roaster directly to the butcher. Processing is the responsibility of the customer.

BBQ Pigs

BBQ pigs typically range in weight between 80 - 150 lbs. Larger or smaller pigs can be purchased with a 4 week notice. Cost for BBQ pigs is based on the hanging weight of the pig and is $1.05 per pound. A $50.00 deposit for your pig is required. BBQ pigs can be picked up live at the farm or delivered to the butcher for a small $25.00 Handling/Delivery fee.


Piglets from Dollison Farms are weaned at 4- 6 weeks of age. Our piglets are from pastured stock and come already trained to electric fence. We have multiple lines of Heritage Breed piglets to choose from. Our "White Line" consists of Yorkshire and Hampshire sows(Yorkshire X Hampshire) bred to one of our three Yorkshire boars. We offer our current pastured piglets in two price ranges. They are $65.00 for feeder pigs up to 8 weeks old and $85.00 for breeder potential pastured piglets up to 8 weeks of age. Please call the farm for availability. Deposits are $25.00 per piglet.